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Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Originally Posted by Efrain Barragan on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

As I was flipping through the latest issue of the “Olive Oil Times”, two articles on studies of the health benefits of olive oil caught my eye. As one who is always looking more reasons to consume the foods I love, the idea that the hearty dose of olive oil I pour on my toasted bread may one day save me from a stroke and type II diabetes made me smile. I thought of my mom who is in her 70’s (and a college student!) and how she now enjoys this same treat. According to a one of the articles concerning a study of vascular risk factors for dementia from France, older individuals who consume olive oil daily may be able to protect themselves from stroke. The study included 7625 French individuals over 65, noting that the participants used mostly extra virgin olive oil. Intensive users, those that used olive oil in cooking and dressings, had 41% fewer strokes than non-users!

In addition, a Spanish study on assessing the efficacy of a Mediterranean diet found that the consumption of olive oil and nuts reduced the incidence of Type II diabetes by 52% in the participants (vs. a group on a low fat diet). This reduction was independent of changes in body weight and physical activity.

With stroke and diabetes being such a health concern nationwide. we welcome any news on how to prevent these illnesses. Not only is olive oil a delicious addition to your meal, but may help to keep living a longer, healthier, and happier (due to all that good taste!) life. Clif Family Winery & Farm organically farmed, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great tasting, healthy addition to all your meals!

-Chris Hale (Clif Family Winery & Farm Employee)

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