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Left My Heart in San Francisco

Originally Posted by Candice Crawford on Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Wednesday, I was at North Beach Restaurant where I parked cars on and off from 1976-1983. My buddies and I were there after a long day celebrating the Giant’s World Series win, attending the parade and just enjoying the vibe of the city, like I have never experienced before. Everyone was so cool and so happy. After another spectacular dinner at North Beach Restaurant, Mayor Gavin Newsom showed up. I’ve seen him there numerous times and told my friend Drake that he was going to show up....and he did. Earlier that night I played “I left my Heart in San Francisco” for the patrons while they dinned, on my trumpet. As I went to shake Mayor Newsom’s hand and congratulate him for the big win, Lorenzo, the owner of the restaurant says in his thick accent, “Gaaary, you must play San Francisco for him.” What choice did I have? He of course was a good sport and smiled for the photo. Next time he’ll probably go the other way when he sees me...


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